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Kyiv, Ukraine

AboutThe Client

Promotion of online store of furniture products

Start an online furniture store – exit to a positive ROI with a minimum budget Not always customers have the opportunity to invest in their business a sufficient amount of funds for a quick and productive start, especially during the crisis in the country. Let’s look at how to achieve positive results with a minimal budget.

Description of the project
Topic: Furniture production
Promotion region: Ukraine
Goal: The yield on the positive ROI for 10 months with a total budget of 8000 USD
Additional Information
Inadequate amount of funds for promotion according to the optimal scheme of work with a good yield for 6 months
Services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Total budget: 8000 USD for 10 months

ROI Results
ROI on the search engine optimization channel:
Margin: 20%
Gross profit: 1 425 640 UAH * 0.20 = 285 128 UAH.
ROI = (285 128 – 200 000) / 20 000 * 100 = 42.56%.