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Kyiv, Ukraine

AboutThe Client

Promotion of an online store of furniture and decor
Promotion of the Internet furniture and decor store – from 6 thousand to 20 thousand visitors per month – ROI 78.4%
At the beginning of May 2016, a new project came to us for promotion – an online store of furniture and decor. Initially, the site already had a certain attendance, at the level of about 6 thousand visitors every month. However, most of the inquiries were related to the name of the brand itself (branded traffic), and in general, given the potential of this niche, this was only a small part of what can be achieved subject to competent promotion.

Description of the project
Topic: Furniture and decor
Promotion region: Ukraine
Goal: Integrated development of the online store
Additional Information
The period of 8 months is considered. from the moment of the start of work
Services: Search Engine Optimization and Promotion (SEO)
Total budget: 600 USD per month.

ROI on the search engine optimization channel:
Margin: 30%
The increase in attendance for 9 months was from 6 thousand / month to 20 thousand / month
Gross profit (without advertising): 805 657 * 0.30 = 241 697 UAH.
Turnover through the basket for the period of cooperation (organic) – 805 567 UAH.
ROI = (241,697 – 135,450) / 135,450 * 100 = 78.4%