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Online store decor

decorize.com.ua Kyiv, Ukraine

Project Description
Theme: Furniture and Decor
Region of promotion: Ukraine
Purpose: Comprehensive development of an online store
Additional Information: Considered a period of 8 months. since the start of work
Provided services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Total budget: 700$/month

Initial conditions
Initially, the technical optimization of the site was at a very low level. It is evident that no one was seriously engaged in the project. At the same time, in order to effectively promote any website, and especially an online store, technical training plays a very important role. Ignoring errors at the start stage can lead to the fact that in the end, time and budget will be wasted, and the investment will not pay off.

In the case of this project, the following issues hindered effective development:

  • technical problems;
  • too few backlinks;
  • lack of optimization at the content level.

Information about the need to correct these problems was communicated to the client, and, as a result, together with the customer, we developed and approved a work strategy. A clear action plan was formed taking into account the features of the site and the niche in which the business operates.

ROI results
ROI by search engine optimization channel:
Margin: 30%
Increase in attendance for 9 months: from 6 thousand/month to 20 thousand/month
Gross profit (without advertising): 30538 * 0.30 = 9 161 $.
Turnover through the basket for the period of cooperation – 30538 $.
ROI = (9 161 – 5134) / 5134 * 100 = 78.4%