Organizing the trading process with the help of your own marketplace is a way to increase turnover. The creation of a dynamic exclusive website allows you to use a powerful tool for interacting with customers and generating several times more profit.

Custom approach

Web developers create a project layout based on client requests without using template solutions. The development of our team is a guaranteed result of making even a large and complex web portal fast and user-friendly.

e-store benefits



Access to the marketplace is available around the clock and seven days a week. Products can be purchased at any time convenient for the consumer.


Promoting products via the Internet is much more efficient and profitable than standard marketing methods.


We offer a wide range of products. You can review, select, buy, pay, and leave feedback on one portal.


Easy to expand your business, add new services or products, and increase your market presence.


Thanks to special accounting systems that keep the website's assortment up to date.

development stages


Niche analysis

This stage makes it possible to understand that the selected product may be interesting to the audience that is in the target search.

Creating a prototype

A sample of the future resource in a simplified form demonstrates where the main elements will be located.

Design development

The content of the site, its structure and stylistic design must be in full harmony.

Functionality development

We add non-standard functions and modules with interactive elements, multimedia, segmentation.

Website testing

Checking that all features work as you intended, that everything works on different devices, and more.

Final release

Launching a resource where user activity, functionality and effectiveness are observed online.

our projects

Done projects speaks better than our words. We take into account the needs of your business to implement any technical wishes together.

our contacts

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Qualified team stays with you throughout the development process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Advantages of having a marketplace:

  • Increase sales: Marketplace can significantly increase your sales by attracting more buyers.
  • Cost Reduction: Marketplace can help you save on the costs associated with maintaining a physical store.
  • Expand your audience: Marketplace allows you to sell your goods or services worldwide.
  • Passive Income: You can earn passive income from the commissions you will collect from sellers.

Why choose INK Digitals?

  • Individual approach: We will carefully study your business and your needs to develop a marketplace that will perfectly suit you.
  • Professional Team: Our team consists of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of web development, marketing and e-commerce.
  • Modern technologies: We use only the most modern technologies and guarantee the high quality of our product.
  • Affordable Prices: We offer competitive prices for our services to make them affordable for any budget.

What we offer:

  • Marketplace development from scratch: We will create a marketplace that is unique, functional and user-friendly.
  • Existing Marketplace Redesign: Update your marketplace to meet current trends and improve user experience.
  • Integration with payment systems: We will connect your marketplace to popular payment systems to make the payment process simple and secure for your customers.
  • Marketing support: Help you promote your marketplace through various marketing channels.

Marketplace development process at INK Digitals

Based on years of experience, we design each marketplace with a focus on scalability and flexibility. Our process includes market needs analysis, architecture planning, user interface development, functionality testing, and post-launch support.

Integration with existing systems

One of the key benefits of developing a marketplace with INK Digitals is our ability to integrate your new marketplace with your existing business systems. This includes CRM, ERP, logistics systems, payment gateways and other critical components.

Scalability and flexibility

We build marketplaces that can easily scale and adapt to changing market conditions and your business growth. Our solutions provide product, user and transaction management flexibility that goes beyond standard capabilities.

Security and reliability

The security of your marketplace is our priority. We use advanced technologies to protect transactions, user data and other important information, guaranteeing a high level of reliability and trust among users.

SEO optimization for search engines

We optimize your marketplace for search engines, which helps increase organic traffic and increase visibility. Optimization includes using relevant keywords, setting up meta tags, and structuring URLs to help you rank better in search engines.