3D visualization

Three-dimensional prototyping is an important step before launching a product, product, or custom product into production. A 3D model, or a kind of technical prototype, allows the customer to explore the functionality and characteristics of the product.

3D printing


modeling technology

3D visualization allows you to evaluate an object from several angles and make changes without extra costs. This way, customers can quickly create a three-dimensional project and understand how the object will look like in the end.

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Our process for creating high quality 3D renderings of prototypes

The process of creating a 3D visualization of a prototype at INK Digitals includes a thorough analysis of your project, the selection of the best technologies for its implementation, and the use of advanced rendering methods to achieve high realism and detail.

Modeling and rendering technologies

We use the latest software solutions for 3D modeling, such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender, which allow us to create accurate and detailed prototype models taking into account all technical parameters.

Interactivity and engagement

Thanks to the possibilities of modern technologies, we create interactive 3D visualizations that allow users to immerse themselves in the process of research and evaluation of the prototype. This contributes to a better understanding of the product and its functionalities.